Antonio Jackson

Funeral Director In Charge

Antonio (aka Tony) Jackson has been in this field for well over 16 years. A husband and father of two, he is originally from Fort Pierce, FL and is a fourth generation Funeral Director and Embalmer. Tony has been with Forest Hills since 2016.

Tony believes that being a mortician is more than just seeing families, embalming, and working services. It is a true calling of a person with character to ensure grieving families are taken care of from start to finish. Funeral Directors are entrusted to ensure all aspects of a person's passing are considered. If that means many sleepless nights being on call, then that is what has to be done to guarantee all needs are met. Every family a funeral director serves must be treated with consistent care, compassion, and respect. In addition, families should be treated equally regardless how much money they are spending, their race, creed, or gender.